You’ve Got Mail

As I was flipping through the television channels tonight, I came across a movie I hadn’t seen in years -You’ve Got Mail with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Who else remembers this movie? I remember watching it in the theatre, but now, watching it in 2012 and seeing how much the web has changed makes so many of the scenes very humorous. I love the opening scene where Meg Ryan anxiously waits while AOL (LOL! My screen name was Rumor1780) dial-ups to the internet to see if her little mailbox icon opens with the words “you’ve got mail”. I remember that feeling of my heart literally in my throat, waiting to see if that special someone I had met earlier in the week in an AOL chatroom had emailed me. I was in high school at the time and I remember sneaking out of bed late at night, covering the monitor with a pillow to in order to muffle the sound of the dial-up so my parents wouldn’t hear what I was up to.

The days when you were known only by a screen name and asked the question asked by all AOL chatroom members, “asl?” (“age, sex, location”). The days when not everyone was online and if they were, you didn’t know how to find your friends. The days when AOL was the main walled garden and most popular way to connect to the internet. The days when you had to sit through the annoying sound of the AOL dial-up while you waited to connect to the internet.

It’s amazing to think how far the Web has come in the 14 years since this movie was released. I, for one, do not miss the dial-ups!

Watch the trailer: You’ve Got Mail

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