Phasenleben’s Top Favourite Social Media Metric Tools

Social media metrics is vital for a successful online social media campaign. With social media metrics and analytics, you are able to measure your engagement with your community (ie. followers, supporters) though conversations, tweets/retweets, posts/comments and links/mention in your blog. Through metrics along with web analytics, you’re also able to determine your social demographics (age, gender, location etc of followers), page views, click-throughs and bounce rates of your incoming website traffic.

The following are my reviews on a few available online metric tools:

1.) Same Point – (free)

​- Mentions of keywords on social media sites.

- Show social tone (positive/negative words in post).

- Real-time live analytics.

Same Point is a great basic social media metric tool. It shows not only which social media platform the keyword(s) is mentioned at, but the source, time and the positive/negative tone of the posts.

2.) Twitter – (free)

- Shows the mention of keyword(s) in tweets/retweets.

- Top images/videos related to the keyword(s).

- The people associated with the keyword(s).​

- Ability to retweet and reply to mentions.

- Makes it easy to engage with followers.

With over 140 million active users and 340 million tweets daily, Twitter’s search is a vital social media tool for any business. Not only can you see what others are saying about your business/brand, but you’re also able to retweet and replay to the user by engaging in conversation.

3.) Social Mention – (free)

- Shows mentions of keyword(s) on all social media platforms.

- Number of retweets, unique authors, time of last mention, and average time between each mention.

- Shows sentiment (positive/negative/neutral).

- Top keywords, hashtags, users and sources associated with search.

- Sign up for social mention alerts and rss feed.

Social Mention is my personal favourite social media metric tool. Not only are you able to track mentions, but you’re able to predict possibility of mentions on social media networks and your influence range. I also like that you’re able to sign up for mention alerts, RSS feeds and create a CSV/Excel file.

4.) Radian6 – (paid)

- Monthly rates ranging from $600 – $10,000.

- Allows you to sort your mentions.

- Shows the reach/influence from each mention.

- Trends in conversation over time.

- Real time feedback results.

- Compare “buzz” with other similar companies.

- Engage/reply to mentions.

- Creates reports of social mentions through graphs, including demographics.

Radian6′s engagement console is great for on-the-spot engagement. Not only does Radian6 create reports of your mentions, influencers, etc, but it also compares your mention with your competitors. Radian6 is also compatible with mobile devices, so you are able to check your social media metrics on the go. It also integrates web analytics with it’s reporting. I would not recommend Radian6 to small-medium businesses, but it depends on the individual budget and social media metric needs of each business.

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