3 Reasons Why Businesses Need Social Media Marketing

1.) Global Brand Awareness:
With 850 million active users on Facebook and 175 million tweets going out per day via Twitter, having a strategic social media marketing plan will create a global brand awareness with your company. Not only is Youtube the third most visited website, but it’s users have increased by 145% since the start of 2012. With the right use of these social media networks, along with many others, you are able to spread awareness of your company to a wider audience, more so than with traditional offline or affiliate marketing.

2.) Reputation:
Studies show that consumers are more likely trust the opinions of their peers rather than from traditional marketing. Using social media, you are able to connect directly with consumers, gather feedback, share company news and build a reputation through millions of user connections.

3.) Brand Monitoring:
With social media, you are able to read what consumers are saying about your company and respond to comments right away. Using social media is also a great way to monitor what competitors are doing.

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