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You’ve Got Mail

As I was flipping through the television channels tonight, I came across a movie I hadn’t seen in years -You’ve Got Mail with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Who else remembers this movie? I remember watching it in the theatre, but now, watching it in 2012 and seeing how much the web has changed makes […]

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Laurizon Photoshoot

I had a fun time this afternoon at the Laurizon photoshoot! Founded by my friend, Laure Sabini, Laurizon is a full service web design and marketing company located here in Vancouver, Canada. I was happy to be invited to join the Laurizon team as their Social Media marketer creating strategy plans to help clients increase […]

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Yelp Advertising

I recently contacted the Yelp advertising department to inquire about advertising packages for one of our retail clients at Out Smarts Marketing. Opening to the Canadian market 4 years ago, Yelp in Canada is fairly young, so now is the time to register your businesses on Yelp if you’re a Canadian business. The advertising packages […]

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